Dance is often referred to as art by a lot of people. To some, it’s a passion, and others see it as a craze. Dance has always been something everyone adores. Young or old, people of all generations enjoy dancing. It is the way of expressing oneself and also showing emotions. People don’t only dance in happiness but also in sadness too dance is there to console and help overcome depression. Dancing is not just a word it’s a way of life to many. Some people dance for fun. On the other side, some dance for experience and a lot of families are dependent on dancing. There are a lot of people in Europe who have started their journey from zero, but because of dance, they became heroes. Here are some of the best dancers in Europe.


Joaquin Cortes is a professional, classically trained flamenco and ballet dancer. He is from Spain and of Roma origin in particular. Joaquin is one of the very few dancers in the history who was able to become a phenomenal dance symbols. Both men and women universally like him. Elle Macpherson once described him as sex on legs. Even Jennifer Lopez and Madonna claimed that they adore him publicly. He married and divorced Mira Sorvino and Naomi Campbell. Joaquin formed the Joaquin Cortes Flamenco Ballet Company. He did first international tour Cibayi in the year 1992 and on May 15, 2007, he performed as a guest dancer in a high profile semi-final segment on the ABC’s Dancing with Stars.


Alizee Jacotey known with is stage name Alizee is a French dancer, French singer and voice actress. She was raised in Ajaccio Corsica. Alizee was discovered by Mylene Farmer due to her outstanding winning performance in the talent show Graines de Star in 1999. While she was collaborating with Mylene Famer and Laurent Boutonnat, she followed up the performances with a series of albums that gained popularity by pushing the edges of lyrical content. She is known for her singing style, and she is one of the best dancers in Europe.


Josephine Baker was an American born French dancer, actress, and singer who became well known in different circles as the Bronze Venus, Black Pearl and sometimes Creole Goddess. She was born Freda Josephine McDonald in St. Louis Missouri, Baker later became a citizen of France in1937. She can communicate in both French and English. She was regardes as the first black woman to be cast in a major motion picture.


Juliette Binoche is a native French dancer, artist, and dancer. She has appeared in over more than 40 feature films, and she is the recipient of numerous international awards. Juliette Binoche is a good dancer, and she has performed on stages across the world. Juliette is a published author. From her artistic background, she started taking acting and dancing lessons right from her adolescence. After performing several stage productions, she was transferred to the world of Jacques Doillon, Auteurs Jean Luc Godard, and Andre Tech.