Interesting Facts from The Phantom of the Opera

Somehow, most of the people know about the existence of the great work that of The Phantom of the Opera (or at least its name) since 1910, when the French writer Gaston Leroux created it. This amazing novel published, by Leroux as “The Phantom of the Opera” was an impressive success, so much so, that it has been adapted for musicals, ballet, film, operas and television. He has also inspired many numerous musicians to compose songs, like the one made by Andrew Lloyd Webber, a composition of the Opera genre, as well as many others, as the band Nightwish, that has an Opera Rock version of it, with Tarja Turunen’s impressive soprano voice.

The Phantom of the Opera in brief

Leroux’s novel tells the story of an eccentric mysterious character, under the nickname “The Phantom”, a spirit or entity who lives in the building of the Garnier Opera House. This character over the course of the story will be the cause of terrible accidents on the theater and he will demand at least 20,000 francs monthly from the new directors, in addition for keeping a private booth, (the number 5 specifically) available only for him. This ghost eventually falls in love with the young singer Christine Daaé, so, he kidnaps her in order to get her away from the Count of Chagny, a man who is also in love with her. Raoul de Chagny faces numerous traps set by the ghost to try to rescue his beloved singer.

Real tragedies inspired the writer

Not everybody really knows that The Phantom of the Opera was created over particular real situations. Laroux was inspired by very rare real events, to write his novel. For example, The Garnier Opera House is the thirteenth Opera House built in Paris and a dancer fell off from this building, specifically the 13th step of the great hall of this building. Also, in 1896, during a performance of the opera of Hellé, the spectator of the seat number 13 lost his life when one of the counterweights of the great chandelier fell over him. In this same sequence of events, there is also a story about a stagehand that was mysteriously found hanged. Moreover, in 1907, a worker found a corpse while he was digging in the subsoil beneath the building, is also said that the corpse is of the Phantom of the Opera. But not everything is about tragedies or weird stories, as it has also plenty of romantic scenes about impossible love and passion.

Love scenes in this tale

Erik, a young and promising pianist, he meets a beautiful dance while in the music conservatory, in the “Le Peletier” street, in 1870. Eventually, they both fell deeply in love, they got engaged and thereafter decided to get married at the end of the year. Erik, enthused about this event, began to compose a special track that would be played as a wedding march on the church organ, then, this would be his masterpiece would also symbolize his love between him and the dancer.

Why the Phantom came to exist?

A drama would come to change each of Erik’s plans. A fire in 1873 destroyed the entire building of the Opera Le Peletier. Many people lost their lives in the fire, including the pianist’s fiancee. Erik, although he survived with significant burns especially on his face, had lost everything, but most importantly, the love of his life, moreover, he lost his happiness and eventually his physique changed. Everyone who knew him thought that the pianist had died along with his beloved during the fire. Nevertheless, Erik never revealed his identity and started to call himself Ernest.

The Phantom of the Opera is there!

The pianist became with time a mysterious character, whom everyone feared for his ugly physical appearance, being called “Monster” and “Demon”. Tired of living in this way, Erik, or now, Ernest, decides to settle in the new building of the opera, known as Opera Garnier, and there he started to secretly live for the rest of his days, dedicated only to conclude the music of his lost love he once started.