Getting the best experience while watching movies at the cinema come done to the kind of films where you watch the film. There are lots of countries with a vast number of fascinating cinemas; Spain is not left out from the list. Spain is a perfect place to enjoy the captivating and intriguing masterpieces of theatre. With over 80 theatres in the city, some situated in the exquisite building with cool history, others occupying a tiny basement, some are even unnoticed from the street, where patrons can observe the work of actors. Here’s a rundown of some of the great theatres from all around Spain.


This famous Spanish landmark is one of Spain’s largest theatre, and it said to be around 2000 years old. The open-air Roman theatre is a stunning and beautiful sight to behold. Every year at summer, the Venues stage is filled with music, ballet, opera and film in other to celebrate the International festival of classical theatre.


Unlike most theatres in Spain, the Greek Theatre is a new establishment had become a theatre in the year 1929 after it has been used as a quarry for several years. Since the year 1976, the arena as hosted the Grec Festival of theatre every July. This drama draws a lot of spectators from all around Spain. The stage also holds music evenings and occasional comedy events.


Though not an open-air theatre, the Spanish theatre, built in the 16th century is an architectural masterpiece that is said to emulate the traditional, comedic feel of the open air Spanish theatres perfectly. The interior of the building is grandiose, and the acoustics are also very impressive. The theatre is also more affordable compared to other theatres in Madrid.


This famous theatre was created in the year 1996 to be Barcelona’s venue for a high-quality theatre production. The architectural beauty still matches the present day. In its repertoire you will find works by foreign classics and Catalans, such as Schnitzler, Moliere, Shakespeare, and Lorca. This combination of modernity and traditionalism can be noticed in the beauty itself. The façade looks like that of Classical Greek temples, but it has a modern-day interior and lack old-fashioned decorations of typical classic theatres.


If you love independent theatre and the freedom of the director’s vision and a vast literature of modernism, Sala Beckett is a place to be. The theatre was built in 1989 with its aim to promote modern Catalan and different plays with up to date heroes and plot. A new performance on the theatre’s stage represents a new scene, in-depth approach to text and independent of commercial institutions. Sala Beckett theatre has received several awards including an award by the National Theatre of Cyclone for its Catalan theatre writer’s support.

Get on the move and visit these incredible theatres to have a pleasant and formidable experience from the movie you’re watching. These stages are just genius.