There are some great dance companies that you can watch perform throughout Europe. They are skilled and entertaining to see. Watching a live dance performance is a true delight. If you are visiting Europe you may be curious which company to see, here are a few of the greatest dance companies to see.

Royal Ballets

One example is the Birmingham Royal Ballet, which is one of the three main ballet companies in the United Kingdom. The company includes many award-winning dancers whose performances are of a high quality. The internationally known and renowned Royal Ballet is in London, England. The Royal Ballet is associated with the Royal Ballet School which trains dancers and performs at the Royal Opera House. This company is closely associated with the Birmingham Royal Ballet. The Royal Ballet has about 100 dancers who are all very talented. They do have a schedule of their events on their webpage where you can also book tickets. The dancers are known for the technical excellence of their performances.


French Ballets

Ballet National de Marseille is a fabulous dance company in France. You can buy tickets online to attend their performances, and the company does also offer courses for aspiring dancers. Another company in France is the Paris Opera Ballet company. This is one of the top companies in the world that is renowned for having high caliber dancers that use great techniques in their performances. The Paris opera Ballet (Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris) was founded in 1669 and is thus one of the oldest dance companies in the world. The dance school is the Paris Opera Ballet School which graduates excellent dancers, which are often hired by the company.

Bolshot Ballet

Another internationally renowned ballet company is the Bolshoi Ballet Company. This company is in Moscow, Russia and was founded in 1776. The high standard that is expected of dancers means that it is very hard for dancers to be accepted and hired by the company. This in turn means that the standard of dance and performance is of a very high quality. A person who loves watching ballet should try to watch a performance by this ballet since it is so good.

Dutch Ballets

The Royal Danish Ballet Company is based in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Royal Danish Theater. This company is also very old and was established in 1771 by a French teacher. The Royal Danish Ballet School was founded around the same time as the Royal Danish Ballet Company. The company has aspired to hire only the very best dancers and choreographers which is no doubt why they have done so well and are so famous. Another very good ballet company is the Dutch National Ballet Company which is based in Amsterdam at the Dutch National Opera and Ballet.

Stuttgart Ballet

The leading German ballet company is the Stuttgart Ballet. This world-renowned ballet company even won the Laurence Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance in 1981. They always produce terrific performances and only hire the very best dancers.

These dance companies are all the best in the world in terms of performances and the caliber of their dancers and choreographers. Some of the companies even have dance schools to train new dancers.