Dancing is part of every culture and tradition. Nowadays, dancing is now regarded as a way of life especially when musicians are now with the trend of releasing dance moves with every song. Dancing is an essential part of the social construct that cannot be overlooked. Unintentionally, the reacts to the rhythm of a song or musical instruments. We all cannot afford not to know how to dance, and a lot of people are desperately looking for places to train for dancing. Europe is home to lots of places where one can learn the act of dancing. Here are some of the most excellent places to prepare for dance in Europe.


The Paris Opera Ballet School founded by Lois XIV in 1713. The schools were mainly for adults to attend and seven years later the school formed regulations that would allow children to learn dance at the school. Four years later, Louis XVI enlarges the school’s repertoire thereby allowing children under the age of twelve to enroll. He believed that the younger a dancer starts, the better they can be able to nurture their talents and ability for the Balley company. By the end of the Romantic Era, the school was said to be struggling. However, Parisians realized the importance of the education, and they kept the school alive through donations. The school has been educating the world’s most beautiful dancers for more than three centuries, and it supplies dancers to the oldest ballet company in the world, The Paris Opera Ballet. They have remained continuously in the top three best ballet education in the world.


Having played host to a handful of the world most talented youths, Julliard was first opened in the year 1905 and have ever since had the name attributed to excellence and artistic achievement.Created by Dr. Frank Damrosch as “Institute of Musical Art”, Dr. Damrosch wanted to offer the opportunity for American musicians to study in an advanced rate without needed to move out of their country. The feedback  was very remarkable and the first year’s enrollment surpasses their expectations five times over. Unable to house all those students, the school extended and moved in 1910 close to the Columbia University. In 1924 when Juilliard passed away he left his wealth to this school and then the Juilliard Graduate school was created. However, the dance division was not established until later, and since then Julliard has kept it’s talk as one of the greatest musical institutions in the world.


The Australian Ballet School was founded by Margaret Scott in 1964 as a piece to the Australian Ballet Center situated in Melbourne Arts Precinct. The school is one of the first steps for any Australian willing to learn the art of Ballet with the Australian Ballet Company. The school celebrated its 50th anniversary ia few years ago. The mission of the education is to be at the forefront internationally as providers of professional dance training programs.

Margaret Scott