To go to the opera is one of the greatest joys that one can have in the world of arts and entertainment. There are so many great operas nowadays, and there are more than likely many that you have not seen yet. To many going to the opera may seem old fashion and outdated, they feel that perhaps they will not know what is going on and be bored at the event.


However, there are still so many fantastic operas that are worth you see, the experience is something that you will not forget. Here are a few of the best operas that you should see while you can. A comprehensive list of operas from all over the world, primarily Europe all though a few from American composers as well.  There are many different styles when it comes to operas and this will cover a few of those as well. Any opera is a good opera if the actors and orchestra are professionals but if you are able to see one of these you will not be disappointed.

  • Tchaikovsky: Eugene Onegin – this opera tells the story, a tragic story, of a beautiful girl named Tatiana who falls in love, but her love is not returned. The story follows the life of the young lover, Onegin, he ends up fighting with his friend and eventually killing him in a duel. After years without seeing Tatiana, Onegin realizes that he is actually in love with Tatiana. However, it is now too late he has waited too long, and Tatiana had moved on had married another man. A true love tragedy, where those who have the strongest of desires for each other cannot be together. If you are a true romantic than this is the opera for you to see.
  • Giuseppe Verdi: la Traviata (the fallen woman) – this is another classic opera full of contentious misunderstanding and hopeless drama between lovers. This opera brings in the facts of life and the reality of sickness among lovers. The protagonist, Victoria, is afflicted with tuberculosis and it ends up being fatal, tearing her from the arms of her lover. Another tragic love story full of ups and downs and strong emotions if you are a true romantic you will no doubt enjoy this emotional yet moving opera.
  • Gioacchino Rossini: The Barber Sevillethis infamous opera is one that you truly cannot miss, the hero of this story, Figaro, sings of his skills and his life as a barber. This story has become known all around the world and if you are able to see this opera at am opera house near you than be sure to see it as you will not be disappointed.

There are of course so many other operas that are true works of art and worthy of your time. It all depends on your taste and preferences. While you may not be able to understand the language that they are singing in you will still feel the emotions come through as the actors do their best to portray each story.