Do you love the opera? So many people are true fans of the beautiful art of opera, to see artists singing their hearts out and portraying different characters on the stage, using pure emotion to bring you a truly artist and beautiful opera. There are many great opera houses all around the world, many that are famous for their architecture, many that are famous for their history. Spain has some of the greatest opera houses in all of Europe. All of its opera house has a golden interior to them to make them just a little bit more special. If you are a fan of the operas, then Spain is a great place for you to visit and see the beauty that is Spanish operas. The major cities each have their own opera houses if not more than one. Each one is a beauty of its own with rich history and great architecture.

Theatre Real – Madrid

This theatre is one that has been in use for years and years. Opera enthusiast from all around the world have travelled to Madrid to see a performance at this spectacular house. It is located opposite the road palace and has such a unique setting that just adds to the awe and splendour of it all. Only the highest in quality operas are performed here and if you are able to see one you will not be disappointed.

Theatre Liceu – Barcelona

This gorgeous theatre has been in use for over 1600 years and it is one of the most spectacular sights to see in all of Barcelona. This is a place not to be missed, the architecture is outstanding as well as the styling and interior of the building. Some of the greatest performers from all over Spain come to this house to show off their talents and skills and you will want to be there when they do.

Another opera house that is not to be missed in the Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofia, this theatre is located in Valencia in the south of Spain. Its location is what truly makes it amazing. It is located on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea and embodies the beauty that is the south of Spain. It was designed by architect Santiago Calastrava, and his true mastery of the arts can be seen throughout the building. You will be in awe before the performance even starts at the beauty of the building.

Any opera house in Europe is worth seeing, but the opera houses of Spain are just a notch above the rest. They are each true pieces of art to be admired and revered. The next time you are in one of the main cities of Spain, Madrid, Valencia, or Barcelona, try your best to get a ticket to see a performance at one of these places as we are certain that you will more than enjoy your experience. Be sure to add am opera in Spain to your travel bucket list and must do’s.